Yoga with Karina

Learning to stand on your own two feet

About my classes

I aim to create a warm and friendly environment in which students can practice safely and comfortably. My classes are personalised and adaptable so we go at your pace, according to your abilities. I help you develop and progress towards your goals, be that developing strength and muscle tone, overcoming stiffness or injury, or simply resting and relaxing.

My students leave the studio feeling refreshed and revived, with a better understanding of their body and its needs. My hope is that students take this physical and mental wellbeing into their everyday lives to help them deal with whatever life throws at us.

My own yoga journey spans over two decades of study and practice with yogis from around the world. I try and take individual approach to each student, which I believe provides a level of engagement beyond the typical yoga class. I believe in the old adage - when the student is ready, the teacher appears. But it must be the right teacher!

What happens during a yoga class?

My classes involve flowing sun salutations to warm and energise the body, combined with standing, seated and reclining poses to gently and deeply stretch and rejuvenate. A focus on breathing and quietening the mind through meditation enables students to develop self awareness and inner control.