Yoga with Karina

Learning to stand on your own two feet

Types of Yoga

There is a right yoga style for everyone - here are my preferred styles of teaching. If you are interested in another specific form, please let me know and I'd happy to try and recommend someone!

Hatha yoga: refers to any type of physical yoga, and can be adapted to suit level, experience and personal preferences. Generally, my hatha classes include some vigorous standing poses, combined with seated poses and deep stretches and breathing exercises, to give a complete body and mind workout. These classes are suitable for all levels, including prenatal/postnatal students.

Dynamic Flow Yoga: this 60 minute class is ideal for students who are looking for a more intensive and invigorating experience. The class is based on flowing, fast-paced sequences of sun salutations and standing poses, combined with balancing poses and deep stretching.

Restorative Yoga: this type of yoga is ideal for students who are looking for a calm and healing environment in which they can practice gently and safely. Restorative yoga focuses on gently loosening tight muscles, freeing joints, deep breathing and relaxation techniques and is ideal for students of any level, especially beginners, or those with injuries. Currently I don't have a restorative class, but I can incorporate restorative elements into my Hatha classes if there is interest from students.

Womens' yoga: prenatal, post-natal and fertility yoga - email me for more details [email protected]